Weather and Conditions Permitting Jumping

Skydiving is a sport. All sports are subject to certain limitations and unfortunately our limitations are weather and conditions at the airfield. We always strive to have our students jump the same day they are trained but we can't change the weather or airfield conditions (example: soft runway) and we can't bend the rules because it's not as safe.

When you are setting your plans to come for the course, realize that the weather may not be in your favour, but still take the course because you've already set aside the time and it WILL take the better part of that day.

If the weather is socked in, the only way to deal with it is by using common sense. You can come back another day or wait. Waiting for weather is just something that happens on a DZ, so bring something to do... a book, hackey sack, etc. You want to jump, we want you to jump.

Once you've completed your course, you've got 60 days to make your first jump before you have to do any retraining (approx. 1 hour). You can make the jump at any time of year. Now you can pick a nice day, come up in the morning, put yourself on a load and have the whole day to enjoy the experience.

A word of caution...

If you plan to do it "just once", on a "special" day, for a "special" reason etc., ensure you are the first person there in the morning (at around 9:00 am) because loads are built on a first come, first fly basis. This way, if any loads go, you will have a better chance to be on one. Please don't be angry with us if the weather or conditions are not favourable and you don't get to make your jump that day... sometimes we just run out of daylight.

If you are planning this as an excursion just before you leave our beautiful country forever, please allow time for unforeseen circumstances. The training component of your First Jump Course fee is not refundable.

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